Jas N. from Westminster, CA

My boyfriend and I went to try this place for the first time today! We got here a couple minutes after they opened! We called ahead to see if they had fresh crawfish since most of the more known seafood places only have frozen crawfish. Gross. We ordered two pounds of crawfish & a Dungeness crab, fire sauce, medium. The food came out steaming hot, which I love! They serve it in a big metal bowl, unlike other places that serve them in a bag. I prefer the bowl! The food tastes really good, but the sauce isn't as good as other replaces. It kinda tasted like curry?? Still really good though! We also ordered a peach tea! It comes in a big 32oz mason jar for $4! It was really refreshing since they add in real peach bits! Give this a try if you want fresh seafood since it's almost out of season!