David P. from Monterey Park, CA

Ordered a 3lb bag of crawfish, 2 lb bag of shrimp, cajun fries, and fish and chips. They don't do half pound bags so you either have to round up or down. They ran out of the lousiana crawfish so we opted for the remaining choice: snake river crawfish. I couldn't tell you the difference if you asked because it tasted and looked just like a regular crawfish.

The sauce in the bags were medium spicy with cajun spice, which covered each of the shrimp and crawfish very well. It had a creamy spice taste with a saucy (not too watered down) consistency.

The crawfish were very flavorful in the sauce and some even had eggs which is a plus. They were easy to crack open since the shell is pretty brittle. The shrimp was also delicious covered in all the sauce. I thought some were a bit overcooked since they weren't as tender as I hoped.

Overall, the seafood boil was great. It's a bit pricy though (came out to be $104) and they didn't give an overall receipt for the price per pound of crawfish, which is listed as market price.