Jazz N. from Anaheim, CA

Out of all the crawfish restaurants, this is my favorite and the one I most frequent now. Wanna know why? Keep reading. :)

When other crawfish places are "out of season" and only serving frozen crawfish, this place always has fresh crawfish. They always satisfy my cravings.

I like to start off by ordering their fresh raw oysters for appetizer. I love that they offer 5-6 different kinds of oysters to choose from. My favorites are always the Kumamoto's -- small, but sweet and delicious! I usually get their live crawfish in garlic butter sauce. Then, a pound of clams in the fire crab sauce. (Just so I have a variation of flavors). Their clams are one of my favorites because they're so plump and juicy, and they go really well with the fire sauce. I like my corn buttered and brought out on the side; not in the bag with the other sauces, so it's always how I end my meal and I order it last.

I love that they offer Root Beer as a soft drink here because it's my favorite and many places don't have it (sadly, most don't).

Tuan, a frequent server there, is my favorite! He's so nice, kind, and welcoming, and always greets us with a smile. My daughter says he's her favorite too. There are other servers, and some are not as cheerful, but we are always happy when we get Tuan! Thanks, Tuan, for always being so sweet and providing us with great service. Please don't ever change. ^_^