Kika S. from Anaheim, CA

We splurged on Father's Day! He had to work thru the afternoon but when he got home, my husband decided he wanted King crab legs for dinner. I don't eat crab but I love shrimp and fish. We both searched a few options and King Crab legs just seemed so such more expensive than the last time he ordered it somewhere. Anywho, we looked at several places that would deliver dinner and decided on The Fire Crab. There were a few options closer to us but The Fire Crab had good reviews and most importantly, a Combo that we would both enjoy.

We chose the crab bucket deal: 1 lb of King Crab Legs ,1 lb of Snow Crab Legs, 1 lb of Seafood (we chose Peeled Shrimp for me), 4 pieces of Sausages, 2 pieces of Potatoes & 2 pieces of Corn. It was SO much food for the 2 of us. We went with the Garlic Butter flavor, mild spice. It was spicier than we were expecting but it was delicious! I baked some fresh rolls to dip in the sauce. I only ate the shrimp but it was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Even though it wasn't the closets restaurant, everything was still hot when it arrived. My husband was in heaven as he ate both the King crab and Snow crab legs but he couldn't finish it all. Next time, I'll add more potatoes and corn for my self since I only eat the shrimp (if we order the same meal).

It broke the bank a little lol but it was worth it. We will definitely order again in the future or stop by to dine in one day.