Korean Beers

Drinking Time! Beers on Tap.

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Every hour we're open is beer o'clock. In other words, it's always time for a beer. We have Sapporo and Stella on tap as well as an assortment of other bottled beers including some of your favorite Korean ones, like Cass and OB. You know, since we're located on Garden Grove Boulevard and all. The Korean District. It's always nice to have an ice cold beer with one of our Cajun seafood combos. But it's also nice just to have a beer. And you are more than welcome to swing on by and just have a beer. But you know, some fries would go well with that. We have seven different types.

$2.50 Cass & OB Beers All Day Long, All Day Strong!

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What you know about Korean beers? Well, we do! We're located on Garden Grove Boulevard so we're in the heart of the Korean District of Garden Grove. So yeah, we know Korean beers. And it goes down great with our cajun seafood combos. Get it really hot and spicy so that you can wash it all down with Cass and OB beers. Why not? They're only $2.50 each so you can get a ton of them for that burning mouth of yours. We also have Stella and Sapporo on tap, if you prefer that. Now come on in and drink your ass off!