Cajun Seafood Combo

Dry Out There; Wet In Here

Keep Dry Wet Seafood Cajun Garden Grove Orange County OC Rain Fire Crab

Woohoo! We're finally getting some rain here in the OC and it feels great! If you're unfortunately out in the streets doing some last minute shopping, we hope you keep dry. No need to get sick during the holidays. Keep dry out there and we'll keep the seafood in here all wet, just the way you like it. Order any of our seafood combinations and we'll drench it one of our signature sauces so that your pounds of cajun seafood will be all wet and juicy for you. Come on in from all the rain and take a break! Also, Happy Hour all day Tuesdays. Terms and conditions apply.

Everybody Has a Favorite Seafood Combination. What's Yours?

Cajun Seafood Combo Shrimp Clams Crawfish Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab

By now, many of our customers know exactly what they like in their seafood combination. Whether it be just crawfish, or a pound of shrimp, clams, and/or crab legs, they know exactly what they want. The nice thing about our eating arrangement is that it is meant to be shared. So you can pick whatever combo you want for yourself and then your friends can do the same and then when the food all comes out, you can have a little bit of everything. Who know? Maybe you'll end up liking someone else's combo and then making it your own in the future. We love it when you share.