Gumbo: Cajun Goodness in a Bowl

Gumbo Cajun Grub Garden Grove Shrimp Okra Fire Crab Orange County OC

Made from scratch, our gumbo is made with the love and care you'd expect from a Southern cajun restaurant from New Orleans. One bite of our delicious gumbo and you'll totally forget that we're a seafood & oyster bar in Garden Grove. There's so much goodness in it, we can't list it all for you. Obviously, you can see the shrimp and okra, but we also have shredded meat, sausage, onions, celery, and a few other secret goodies you'll have to come in and find out for yourself. Grab a bowl for yourself because you won't want to share this bowl.

Get a Hearty Gumbo!

Hearty Gumbo Andouille Sausage Okra Shredded Chicken Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab

It's been quite the wet and cold first week of the year. If you need a little something to help warm you up from the inside before you have one of our awesome cajun seafood combos, get a Gumbo! It'll surely warm you up and it's quite hearty, too! It's made in-house and has all kinds of awesome ingredients, like shrimp, shredded chicken, andouille sausage, okra, and green peppers. Every spoon is full of flavor and some kind of meat. Come on in and get it now! It's cold outside!

It's Gumbo Season!

Gumbo Okra Shrimp Garden Grove Cajun Restaurant Orange County OC Fire Crab

It's finally getting cold out in Orange County! Well, it's cold for us. No more shorts. Well, what better way than to warm up with a nice, piping hot bowl of our very own homemade gumbo! It comes with shrimp, okra, can a bunch of other goodies. And it usually comes with a scoop of white rice but you can choose not to have that, if you're trying to cut down on carbs. Either way, you won't be disappointed because it's hearty, warm, and delicious! Great way to start off a meal session with us!