Quail Egg

Cheers to the New Year!

Oyster Shooters Half Shell Quail Egg Masago Ponzu Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab Cheers

We have had another awesome year and we have all of you to thank for it! So cheers to all of you! We have some fantastic plans in store for the coming year so be on the lookout. We're going to make some menu changes as well as host periodic events. For now, come on in and enjoy some Oyster Shooters. We serve them on the half shell so that you know they're fresh. Comes with a quail egg, masago, green onions, ponzu, and a shot of sake on the side. We're open from noon till 6:30pm on New Year's Eve and from noon till 10pm on New Year's Day.

We Have Oyster Shooters!

Oyster Shooters Kumamoto Quail Egg Ponzu Masago Green Onions Sake Orange County Garden Grove OC Fire Crab

Have you tried our ultimate Oyster Shooters? If not, you should! We take a fresh oyster from whatever we have in stock, shuck the crap out of it, top it with masago, green onions, ponzu, a secret sauce, and a quail egg. It comes with a shot of sake. It's your choice whether to take the shot before or after but you should really take it with the oyster shooter. It's the best oyster shooter around! And you know, you can't order just one.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Egg Hung Masago Quail Egg Yolk Oyster Shooter Orange County Fire Crab OC

Lent has come to an end and this is our last Friday (Good Friday). So on Easter, go look for some eggs! You can find them on our Oyster Shooters! Yep, we have both masago and a quail egg yolk on our Oyster Shooter so you'll have two types of eggs on a freshly shucked oyster. We also dress it up with some ponzu, green onions, and some other secret ingredients. You get a shot of sake on the side because that's what you need to finish off Lent. Now, do you take the shot before or after the Oyster Shooter?