Fresh Oyster Shooter

Fresh Oyster Shooter Masago Green Onions Sake Ponzu Oyster Bar Orange County OC Garden Grove Fire Crab

Come on in for a fresh Oyster Shooter straight out of the shell! We shuck a fresh oyster and then top it with masago, green onions, ponzu, a secret sauce, and a quail egg. Then you get a shot of sake to take either before or after the oyster. Your choice! Current raw oysters in stock: Kumamoto, Fanny Bay, Pickering Pass, and Calm Cove. Live Crawfish is still in stock. And of course, everything on our menu is available for take-out.

Kikusui Sake

Kikusui Sake Orange County OC Fire Crab Garden Grove Alcohol Cajun Seafood Combo

You should really check out our drink menu as it has a lot of good stuff on it, like this cute little 300 ml bottle of Kikusui! Kikusui is probably one of the most popular sakes out there right now. It is crisp, clean, and bright with slight hints of citrus and persimmons. It's a small bottle so you can share it or drink it all by yourself. It goes great with just about everything on our menu such as our Baked Oysters, Cajun Garlic Noodles, and our Cajun Seafood Combos. It's light and refreshing, especially if you're looking for an alternative from beer.

More Than Just Cajun Seafood

Kikusui Sake Bottle Jinro Chamisul Soju Tree Top Apple Juice Orange County Fire Crab Cajun Restaurant

Yep, we have more than just Cajun Seafood; we've got drinks as well. We always have 4 varieties of draft beers on tap along with a wide variety of bottled beer. But we also have a wide variety of other drinks because our customers vary so much. Here, we have our baby Kikusui sake bottle (not for actual babies), Jinro Chamisul Soju, and Tree Top Apple Juice. Don't mix them up. But feel free to mix them. If you're old enough. We close at 10pm everyday.