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The Fire Sauce Awakens!

The Fire Sauce Awakens Star Wars Crawfish Combo Cajun Sausage Orange County OC

Well, the latest Star Wars installment is finally rolling out and we know you geeks and nerds are swarming to go see it. We just wanted to remind you that our Fire Sauce awakens every time you come around. No need to wait in any long lines for this show. Get any one of our awesome combinations and make sure you get it with the Fire Sauce. It'll make you feel like a Jedi Knight. Come on in either before or after you catch the movie. We don't mind. As long as your date doesn't mind your stinky garlic breath.

Best Seafood Cajun Combo in OC

Best Cajun Seafood Combo OC Orange County Garden Grove Live Crawfish Fire Crab Legs Shrimp Mussels Clams

What? You haven't heard? Well, it's official. We are home to Orange County's best Cajun Seafood Combo. Yes, we know that title is rather long but at least it's true. Well, to us and our customers it's true. Seafood choices include crawfish (live from Louisiana), shrimp, clams, mussels. lobster tails, and/or crab legs! That's plenty to choose from. Now hurry on in here!

Eat & Suck On Dem Claws, Legs, & Tails!

Suck Seafood Claws Legs Tails Crawfish Crab Legs Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab

We encourage you to do as you like when you come to the Fire Crab. And if that's pigging out and enjoying every bit of sauce drenched in our seafood, then so be it! Yes, some of those nooks an cranny that the sauce will seep into are in the claws, legs, and tails and there isn't anything wrong with sucking the sauce out of those parts. Sure, it sounds a bit off putting, but it really is worth it if you just dig on it and suck the crap out of your choice of seafood, which includes crawfish, shrimp, clams, mussels, king crab legs, and snow crab legs.

Fruit Teas

Peach Raspberry Passion Fruit Mangoes Fruity Teas with Real Fruit Orange County OC Fire Crab

If you're not into beer, soju, or sake (what's wrong with you?), you can always get one of our flavorful teas! We have Peach, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, and Lychee. We make them fresh and they come with chunks of real mangoes in each one. They're great and refreshing on a hot day and you can always kick it up a notch with some sake.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Egg Hung Masago Quail Egg Yolk Oyster Shooter Orange County Fire Crab OC

Lent has come to an end and this is our last Friday (Good Friday). So on Easter, go look for some eggs! You can find them on our Oyster Shooters! Yep, we have both masago and a quail egg yolk on our Oyster Shooter so you'll have two types of eggs on a freshly shucked oyster. We also dress it up with some ponzu, green onions, and some other secret ingredients. You get a shot of sake on the side because that's what you need to finish off Lent. Now, do you take the shot before or after the Oyster Shooter?

It's Hot! So Is Our Seafood!

Shrimp Crawfish Hot Steam Fresh Live Cajun Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab

We thought summer was over? This is what we get for living in Orange County. But we shouldn't complain. Look at our poor seafood. It's always too hot for them. Luckily for you, however, we have the a/c on full blast in our restaurant so you can enjoy all the hot and steamy cajun seafood you'd like! Pictured is, of course, our standard crawfish and shrimp combination. It's everyone's go-to combo and it should be yours, too! And yes! We still have live crawfish. Get it while it's still in stock!

Crawfish, Corn, & Clams! Oh my!

Crawfsh Corn Clams Cajun Combo Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab

Oh my indeed. You can get this as one of our man different combos. Just pick the seafood that you like! You can choose from crawfish, shrimp, clams, mussels, and/or crab legs and then make it a combo! That also gives you corn and sausages, too, if you elect to make it a combo.

Add Some Cajun Garlic Noodles

Add Cajun Garlic Noodles to your order Seafood Combo Orange County OC Fire Crab

If you're getting a Cajun Seafood Combo, you should always consider adding on some Cajun Garlic Noodles! You need something to balance out all the seafood in the combo and our noodles will surely fit the bill. Plus, you can top it with Sausages, Clams, Mussels, and/or Shrimp! That's only if you want more seafood. You don't have to. But we're not going to judge you if you do.

Cajun Garlic Noodles with Shrimp! Make It Spicy!

Cajun Garlic Noodles Shrimp To Go Orange County OC Garden Grove Fire Crab

You think you can handle the heat? Try it on your next order of our Cajun Garlic Noodles with Shrimp! We definitely give you a nice serving plus we'll make it as spicy as you'd like it. Not only that, but you also have options when it comes to what you want with your Garlic Noodles. You can get it with shrimp, mussels, clams, and/or sausages. Hell, try getting them all together at once! It'll turn out to be Spicy Garlic Seafood with a side of Noodles but hey, that's your prerogative. And yes, you can get it to-go!

Bivalves Combo! Clams & Mussels.

Clams Mussels Bivalves Combo Cajun Garden Grove OC Orange County Fire Crab Seafood

What are bivalves? Bivalves are marine and freshwater mollusks that have bodies enclosed by a shell consisting of two hinged parts, like clams and mussels. Just because you're out of school, it doesn't mean you should stop learning. Yes, you can get a combo with just bivalves, if that's what your heart desires. And you can also order a dozen of our other popular bivalves known as oysters. Get it while you can!

We Support Seafood Segregation

Seafood Segregation Shrimp Crawfish Crab Legs Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab

Yes, we like certain seafood away from other seafood. It's our right to segregate our seafood however we see fit and you have the same right whenever you come to dine at the Fire Crab. If you want shrimp and crab legs in one combo, and then all the crawfish in its separate combo, you can. And you can even make each one a different flavor and/or a different level of spiciness. You can even separate your clams from any of those seafoods, too. The choice is really yours and no one will judge you all the same.

Crawfish in Fire Sauce. Doesn't Get Any Better Than That

Orange County OC Crawfish Fire Sauce Garlic Orange County OC Fire Crab

Have you had your crawfish fix lately? If so, what are you waiting for? Come on in to the Fire Crab as quickly as you can and order a few pounds of our awesome crawfish in fire sauce. As you can see from the picture, it also comes with plenty of garlic. So be prepared for not being able to kiss anyone for a while after getting a bucket of crawfish at our awesome, Garden Grove restaurant. It's time you stopped thinking about it and just act on it already.

What Color is Our Seafood? Doesn't Matter. Just Eat It.

What Color Seafood Shrimp Crawfish Orange County Garden Grove OC Fire Crab

The great debate. What color is our shellfish? Do you see a light orange and red? Well, you're wrong. It's delicious and yummy. But the bottom line is, it doesn't matter. All you have to do is order it and eat it. We assure you. Your tummy and your tastebuds won't care what color it is. Get it by the pound or get a combo, we don't care. Just get it. Besides, once we drench it in one of our awesome cajun sauces, it's all going to be the same color anyway. So come on and stay out of the rain.

Hot Spicy Mess. That's the Way You Like It.

Hot Spicy Mess Cajun Restaurant Orange County OC Fire Crab Crawfish Shrimp Clams

Bottom layer is live crawfish. Next layer is a pound of shrimp. Last layer is a pound of clams. Cover it all up with a thick, garlicky, spicy cajun sauce, like our Fire Sauce, and then enjoy! You know you like hot, spicy messes. Just like your ex-girlfriend. You know it's bad for you but you can't help it. You come back for more and more every time. No matter what your brain tells you, you heart (and your stomach) wants what it wants. Yes, that's a Selena Gomez reference. Friend made me listen to that song all weekend long.

It's all about the Cheddar... Fries, baby!

Cheddar Fries 7 Types Cajun Restaurant Orange County OC Fire Crab Garden Grove

Although we have 7 different types of fries to choose from, it's all about the Cheddar Fries, baby! Yeah, it obviously has a nice cheesy taste to it. If you prefer something else, we got you covered! There are still 6 more different types of fries to try out, if cheese ain't your thang: French Fries, Cajun Fries, Cheddar Fries, Salt & Vinegar Fries, Cajun Garlic Fries, and Sweet Potato Fries. Yep, that's a lot of different fries.

Shrimp 'n Crab Legs Combo!

Shrimp King Snow Crab Legs Cajun Seafood Sausages Orange County OC Fire Crab

You can make up whatever Seafood Combo you wish. If it's Crab Legs and Shrimp you want? No problem. We also have 2 kinds of Crab Legs: Snow Crab Legs and King Crab Legs. Can't decide on which? Get a pound of both! We don't restrict your choices. You have the government and the rest of society doing that already. You should come on in enjoy our seafood selection soon. Oh, and you can make it complete combo by adding Sausages, Corn, and Potatoes as well. And then add a bowl of rice or Cajun Garlic Noodles.

Live Manila Clams

Manila Clams Big Juicy Fresh Live Seafood Orange County OC Fire Crab

Yes, we do have other seafood besides our live crawfish. Like our clams, which also happen to be live. We serve live Manila Clams pretty much year round. We don't use those tiny, frozen clams that most other restaurants use. One we cook them up, they open up and you can enjoy all the juiciness. The nice thing about these clams is that you can use the shells as a scooper? Scoop what you ask? Well, more sauce and other seafood in your Cajun Seafood combo. You can also use it to eat rice!

Our Version of a Surf 'n Turf: Crawfish and Sausage!

Cajun Surf n Turf Live Crawfish Sausage Orange County Fire Crab Garden Grove OC

At the Fire Crab, you, too, can have a Surf 'n Turf meal, if you use your imagination. Our standard one is crawfish (which happens to be live right now) and sausage in any one of our awesome sauces. Our most popular sauce, the Fire Sauce, combines the flavors of all of our other sauces: garlic butter, cajun, and lemon pepper. Seafood choices include live crawfish, shrimp, clams, mussels, and/or crab legs. And you can add as much sausage as you'd like and still make it a Surf 'n Turf meal ;-).

Get a Cajun Crawfish Combo! Live Crawfish!

Live Crawfish Combo Corn Sausage Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab

Live Crawfish is in season! Come on in and get it while we still got it! Be sure to take advantage of our combo deals. They come with corn, sausage, and potatoes. Unless, of course, you only want crawfish. Then, we completely understand. It's a great way to start out the week. Just come on in and grab an ice-cold Sapporo or Mango Cart (both on tap) and then order a few pounds of crawfish. It'll make you forget about the week you've had. At least for a little while.

Clams & Mussels in Garlic Butter Sauce

Clams Mussels Garlic Butter Sauce Lemon Pepper Cajun Choices Fire Crab Orange County OC

Sometimes, you want to keep it simple. We know we give you a lot of choices. Just choose what you like, like this here clams and mussels in our garlic butter sauce. Yes, you have 8 different types of seafood to choose from. And then you have 4 different sauces to choose from. Our Fire Sauce includes all 3 of the other flavors combined. What are the other 2? It's Lemon Pepper and Cajun. Now, does that help you decide what you want? Maybe you should try every single one to decide what you like best.

Yummy Cajun Wings! Available in 5 Count or 10 Count!

Orange County OC Cajun Wings Garden Grove Fire Crab Seafood Spicy

We love eating with our hands! One of the all time favorites that you can eat with your hands is, of course, chicken wings! Our most popular wings is our Cajun Wings, but we also have Honey BBQ and Fish Sauce flavors. You can get any of them in a 5 count or a 10 count. We give you so many choices, it's hard to decide! Just get one of each! Somebody at your table is bound to eat it all up! Get some wings and some seafood, and you have a pretty perfect meal in Garden Grove.

Get What You Want! Even If It's Just Shrimp & Sausage!

Shrimp Sausage Cajun Combo Yummy Orange County OC Fire Crab Garden Grove

At the Fire Crab, we like to give you what you want. If you only want shrimp and sausage, that's what we'll give to you. Go ahead and feel free to customize your seafood bucket to your liking. If someone at your table wants something different from you, order separate buckets! Especially if you would prefer different sauces and degrees of spiciness. So go ahead and order according to whatever you're belly's tellin you to order. We want you to be happy.

Yeah, We Still Have Live Crawfish!

Live Crawfish Fresh Orange County OC Garden Grove Fire Crab

Crawfish season is coming to an end for most other cajun restaurants in Little Saigon but not for the Fire Crab! We still got them so come on by to get them before they're all gone! We have shipments still coming in periodically and they're a lot of work to try to get. But it's all worth it because we know y'all love them. We love this picture of this little guy trying to escape. It's like he wanted us to take his picture. Come on by! We're located conveniently off of Garden Grove Boulevard in Garden Grove!

We Still Have Live Crawfish! And Happy Hour!

Live Crawfish in Stock Orange County OC Fire Crab Garden Grove

It's crazy that the inventory of live crawfish is pretty much gone but we still have it! We don't know when we'll run out but supply is definitely limited. Come on in and find out for yourself before it's too late. We're one of the only seafood restaurants in Little Saigon that still has live crawfish.

5 More Days of Our Grand Opening Special!

Shrimp Crawfish Live Special Orange County OC Garden Grove Fire Crab

Yep, you read that right. Only 5 more days to take advantage of our buy 2 lbs, get 1 lb free of crawfish, shrimp, clams, and/or mussels. Also take advantage of our beer special, $2 pints or $8 pitchers of Sapporo or Shock Top. This month is ending quicker than you realize. Everything is live and fresh so be sure to come in for that, too! If you want our advice, come during the week because our weekends are crazy now! September, 2014.

Grand Opening Special Till the End of September!

Crawfish Garden Grove Orange County OC Fire Crab Cajun Seafood Restaurant

Yes, you can still get whatever you want, crawfish, shrimp, clams, and/or mussels. Get 2 lbs of any of the four, get another pound for free. You can even get all 3 lbs of the same thing, like this picture of crawfish. Don't forget to take advantage of this before the month is over. Cause once it's over, it's over. We also have our beer specials, too. $2 pints or $8 pitchers of Sapporo or Shock Top. Come in during the weekday when it's not so busy.

Happy Sunday! Grand Opening Special Till the End of September!

Fire Crab Garden Grove Crawfish Clams Shrimp Mussels Grand Opening Special

Don't forget everyone! Our grand opening special only lasts till the end of the month! You only have till September 30, 2014, to come in for our buy 2 lbs, get 1 lb free! Your have your choice of crawfish, shrimp, clams, and/or mussels. We also have a beer special that you should take advantage of: $2 pints or $8 pitchers of Sapporo or Shock Top! Both beers on tap! Come on in and see what all the fuss has been about in Garden Grove!

Grand Opening Special Extended Till the End of September!

Fire Crab Garden Grove Crawfish Shrimp Mussels Clams Sapporo Shock Top Grand Opening Special

Guess what? Chicken butt! The turnout was so great for us over the weekend we decided to extend our grand opening special to the end of September! That's 2 more weeks to enjoy the best deal in Orange County right now! Buy 2 pounds of crawfish, shrimp, clams, and/or mussels, get 1 pound FREE! Also, because it's so hot, enjoy $2 pints or $8 pitchers of Sapporo or Shock Top. Be sure to come by now before this limited time offer is over. September, 2014.

Grand Opening of the Fire Crab is Here!

Fire Crab Garden Grove Grand Opening Orange County OC Crawfish Shrimp Special

It's finally here! Our Grand Opening! We're so excited! And so should you! Why? Cause we have great deals for you this weekend to come on by and try us out. We know you'll fall in love with our food and our restaurant that you'll come back again and again. You won't regret it! Buy 2 pounds of crawfish, shrimp, clams, and/or mussels, get a whole pound for FREE! Plus, we have $2 pint or $8 pitchers of Sapporo or Shock Top. Food and booze at a great deal. The perfect weekend. September 12, 2014.

Grand Opening Special: $2 pint/$8 Sapporo Pitchers!

Grand Opening Special Buy 2 Pounds Get 1 Pound Free Crawfish Clams Mussels Shrimp

We have two great deals for our grand opening this weekend. First, it's the buy two pounds of crawfish, shrimp, clams, and/or mussels, get a whole pound for FREE! And, we're also going to have a special on our beers. $2 pints or $8 pitchers of Sapporo or Shock Top! Both are on tap and heavily stocked for our grand opening! Please drink responsibly (even if it's cheap). Can't wait for the weekend already! We're giddy like we're about to go on a first date! September, 2014.